Sports and Wellness

Making Time for Exercise


Always trying to squeeze in that lunch time workout but you can just never find the time? Lunch time workouts aren't the easiest, so we have listed some tips to get you going.

9 Hacks to Propel Your Swim For Hope Performance


Swim For Hope 2018 is right around the corner! Here are some tips from our Head Coach Julian Siak of SAFRA's FINS Swim School to get started for the big event.

Why Jog when you can Plog?


Plogging is the newest fitness trend that focuses on your own health and the environment. In keeping with Earth Hour last month, why not try this trend that is one-part garbage collection and one-part jogging.

Top 5 Ways to Start the Year Right


If you were to describe 2017 in just one word and it's something like 'yikes', it's time to make some healthy changes for 2018. Here are five things that you can do now, so that you can start your year right.

Swimming Beyond The Fundamentals


Take this opportunity to enhance your child's swimming skills during the school holidays with SwimSafer Holiday Programme at SAFRA.