Making Time for Exercise

Making Time for Exercise


You've heard that sitting all day is linked to an increase in undesirable health conditions such as heart disease and tyoe 2 diabetes. But what started out as New Year resolutions to ensure that you work out at least once a day, has now turned to comfort food and workload that never seems to cease.

You have clearly hit a wall when it comes to keeping up with your workout regimes. A towering pile of research advocates moving around and keeping an active lifestyle. Yet, making time for exercise is challenging, but here are some ways to make those lunchtime workouts 'work' for you.

Hit the Gym for Your Fitness Workouts

If there's a gym within five minutes from your office, it's perfect to get in an effective 30-minute daily workouts within a 60-minute lunch break. You don't need to spend hours in the gym to sweat your head off. You can utilise that 30-minutes to do two back-to-back workouts without resting such as dumbbell squat, then right into chest presses. This saves time and allows you to focus and get more done in a short period.

No Gym, No Problem

If the gym is too far, walking , jogging or running are effective ways to get your daily workouts in. Use the back stairs at work for five minutes, or you can follow it up with some squats, push ups, dips and sit ups right at your table. You can repeat three sets of these exercises while keeping in mind that you should prepare and bring a healthy meal to work.


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Be Overprepared

This tip would apply to most of us who would rather sleep in instead of waking up half an hour early to pack our workout clothes. Insted of cursing yourself at work for not having the proper gear, take the time to pack a variety of workout clothes to accomodate any type of workout, and bring your bag to work - every single day. Yes, it's a slight hassle to remember your stuff every day, but packing the night before ensures that you are prepared to move your body and give your brain that well-deserved mental break.

Now that you have packed your clothes, you should also ensure that you pack your lunch. Aside from needing nutrients and energy after work, packing your lunch allows you to eat a healthy meal without giving you the heavy feeling you easily get when you eat out.


If these aren't reason enough to push yourself to work out during lunchtime, what about other reasons such as better job performance, improved stamina, and increased creativity and energy levels. Plus, exercise reduces stress, which has endless benefits at both work and home. Indirectly, you have given yourself an actual break to decompress and as such you become happier at work and home.

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