Top 10 Romantic Getaways

Top 10 Romantic Getaways

Traveling is good for the soul, some like to say. No matter how much we love our job (or not), we all need a break from monotony occasionally. Going on holiday is the best way to get that little pick-me-up and at the same time, we can learn something beneficial. For example, we can immerse ourselves in a foreign culture that will open our eyes to a whole new world.

Previously, we had introduced great places around Asia to visit but if you had missed your chance during the festive period, perhaps you would like to plan one sometime now. With more travel deals popping up these days, why not surprise your spouse with a quick weekend getaway? In this list, we pick the top 10 romantic hotspots just for you!

1. For the beach bums

For many, sitting at the beach while drinking fresh fruit juices or chilled cocktails paints a picture perfect vacation. There are many beautiful beaches in Asia that can give you a taste of this heavenly feel that you need to recharge yourself. Not only is it a popular holiday destination, it is also a hotspot for wedding photos. So perhaps seeing those newlyweds would bring back sweet memories from your own special day or if that has not come yet, it could inspire you to pop that question one day.

Bandos Island might just be that location you’re looking for. Maldives is the best place just under five hours away by plane for an intimate and secluded retreat from everyday stress. You’ll be sure to return home completely refreshed once again.

Krabi is another good choice that is much closer to home. Known for holding the major launching point for boat trips to nearby islands, there are various seaside bars and restaurants to go to without actually having to leave the beach.

2. For the nature lovers

Hoping for somewhere that will take your breath away at its untouched beauty? Perhaps you prefer the countryside more than the bustling downtown of the main city. There are various activities you can partake in like taking a soothing nature walk or going on a casual bike ride around.

When you’re in Taipei, hop on a bus to Yangmingshan National Park. The rustic charm of the rolling hillsides can be truly captivating. Going on a hike can be romantic as well so set aside one afternoon on a good weather day.

Driving up to Malaysia has always been a favourite pastime for Singaporeans so a car journey along the coastline of Terengganu would be fun. Gua Musang is situated deep in the jungles of central Kelantan. In a sleepy town like this, you can be sure to just relax and watch as the world passes you by.

3. For the chill pill takers 

In hopes for a spiritual enlightenment, you can also opt for destinations that offer peaceful activities like spa treatments and hot springs.

Let the appeal of Phu Quoc Island beckon you to a tranquil holiday. Though late to the spa trend that swept through its neighbour Thailand, Vietnam has picked it up and been doing well in the business.

In Japan, there’s an abundance of natural hot springs. Some are housed in ryokan which is a Japanese style inn where guests get to also experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality. The water comes from a salt mineral spring that helps with blood circulation, softens muscular tissue and of course warms up the body. For some hot springs, you can get a blissful view of the sky and sea.

4. For the thrill riders

Sometimes a good vacation needs more than just lazing around and there are plenty of places you can visit to satisfy the daredevil in you.

In Donsol, you can go snorkelling with whale sharks that range from four to 12 metres in length. This town is located at the south of the biggest island of the Philippines called Luzon and has been said to be comparably easier to spot sharks here than other places like the Ningaloo Reef in Australia. Besides scuba diving, you may also want to try river kayaking which is another popular activity there.

Visit Korea for a fun winter sports trip. Go skiing and snowboarding in Gyeonggido and Gangwondo which is the filming location for the popular drama series Winter Sonata.

5. For the culture seekers

There’s nothing wrong with educating yourself during an overseas trip. In fact, learning about other people’s cultures serves as a good way for self-enrichment. As an added bonus, you will have more conversational topics with your sweetheart which further promotes a healthy relationship.

Besides recreational enjoyment at the beach, Phuket also houses a specially preserved area called Phuket Old Town. It has traces of Sino-Portuguese all over the architecture of the buildings there that rose during the city’s tin boom in the last century. Soak in the atmosphere and take in the wonderful sights as you take an early morning or cool afternoon stroll.

Europe is known for its great art and rich history and Spain is no exception. It is home to a wonderful mix of Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Chinese heritages and has also welcomed fellow European immigrants from the likes of Germany and even France. Make arrangements for a private horse drawn carriage tour around Seville or walking tours in the city and countryside of Barcelona. The focus of this cultural learning varies from art and architecture to gastronomy and history.

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