Budokan Karate

Budokan Karate

Budokan Karate is a style of karate recognized by the World Union of Karate Do Organizations and the World Karate Federation. The martial art involves a total body training, and works on the balance of both the body and the mind.

It can also help in recovery illness by strengthening the body and keeping a positive and focused mind set. It encourages and develops an attitude of perseverance, determination and discipline.

Budokan Karate is not just about punches and kicks. It is the whole discipline system that inculcates life skills.

Venue: SAFRA Punggol, Level 3, #GetFit Studio
Day: Every Sun, 10am - 11.30am
Fees: $75.00 / 12 Lessons (SAFRA Member)
$107.00 / 12 Lessons (Guest)

Fees are inclusive of 7% GST

Suitable for participants age 13 years old and above.


For more information, please contact Elizabeth Li at lshelizabeth@safra.sg or Jim Goh at gjim@safra.sg.

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