Hapka Martial Art

Hapka Martial Art

Hapka Martial Arts

Hapka Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts originating from the Hakka people. It is a close range fighting style that incorporates a wide variety of highly effective kicks, sweeps and rapid strikes. Concealed within its strong “external” movements is a softer “internal” lethal force that enables sensitive explosive power and agility.

The Hapka Kung Fu also provides parent and child lessons for a great bonding time.

Event Details

Venue: SAFRA Punggol, Level 3, #GetFit Studio
Day: Every Sun, 1pm - 2.30pm
Fees: $102.70 / 12 Lessons (SAFRA Member)
$128.40 / 12 Lessons (Guest)

Parent and Child* Package:
$160.50 / 12 Lessons (SAFRA Member)
$192.60 / 12 Lessons (Guest)

Fees are inclusive of 7% GST

Suitable for participants age 13 years old and above.
*Children age 6 - 12 years old.


For more information, please contact Elizabeth Li at lshelizabeth@safra.sg or Jim Goh at gjim@safra.sg.

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